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Hi, I'm Grace! 

I moved to The Netherlands in 2006 to study and build a life here. What a journey it has been! 

I learned that it is a beautiful country to work and live in. I also learned to connect with Dutch people in spite of significant culture differences. I even chose to marry a Dutch guy, go figure! 

On this page, you can read more about my values, my work as a career coach for professional expats, and what I like to do for fun. 

My Values

Being kind & helpful

Life is so short! Why not spend it being kind and helpful to one another? I love to help others out and get a lot of satisfaction from empowering them to succeed. I care about my friends, family and the people I connect with.

Life is also complex. I believe no one has all the answers, and that we need to work together to progress and live meaningful lives. That's why I find it important to think about others, listening well to them, being emotionally available to them, and focusing not just on my own benefit.


My Career Coaching

For your success

I have been working in HR-related jobs for many years, so that I have a solid understanding of how recruiters think. During my MBA studies, I also learned a lot about coaching. Together with my personal values, it seemed a perfect combination to become a career coach to empower others.

I've been overwhelmed with the response so far. People experience so much frustration and pain in their job search. Expats, especially, are often alone and lost in their journey. I'm really excited to be able to help them get their dream jobs in this beautiful country. 

What I do for Fun

Enjoying my Life

I love exploring the world by travelling to beautiful cities (like Amsterdam!) and beautiful natural areas. I like interacting with diverse cultures from all over the world. That's why I enjoy spending time with expats so much.


I also love experiencing art from all over the world. For example, I enjoy going to museums and trying lots of different dishes and drinks. I can't wait to ask you what the best thing from your home country is that I should try!


Let's talk! 

Getting to know each other

Enough about me! I would really like to get to know you as well. Not just to help you to get your dream job, but also to get to know you as a person. To see if I can help you in any other way. Feel free to join our community to get to know each other better.

See you soon!

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