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The Mentorship Programme

Find Yourself

Many of my coachees feel lost and don't know where to go next. They lived in several countries, had several jobs, and now have to choose where to go in their lives. Figuring this out alone can be overwhelming and tough. Thankfully, you don't have to be alone in this journey.

In the Mentorship Programme, I will listen, coach and guide you to find yourself. Each person has a different situation that demands an entirely custom approach. 

I will help you by figuring out 5 things about yourself - your 5 MY's.

They include: 

My Style

How do you present yourself personally? How do you communicate and influence others?

My Craft

What are your soft skills and hard skills? How do you develop yourself and when do you excel at things?

My Career

What career goals do you have? How do you plan to grow there and which strategy will you use to get there?

My Life

How do you maintain your work/life balance and deal with competing demands? How do you manage your big life changes?

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My World

How does it all tie together? Are you aware of your surroundings and the people you deal with? How are you involved with your communities and how do you sustain your involvement?

Next steps

After your 5 MY's

After investigating your 5 MY's, you will have a much better picture of your life, your career, your strengths, as well as your values and purpose. You will feel more mindful, confident and courageous about your future.

After the programme, it is a great time to really start focusing on your career. Now that you are no longer so lost, it will be much easier to focus on the perfect job opportunity and make your plan to get there! 

Let's go on this journey together

I'd love to hear your story and see if I can help. Book a free online career consultation session to get to know me and get started.