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Losing Confidence In Your Job Search?

Tons of rejections, or sending all applications without response feels like talking to a "blackhole".

Getting rejected is not about "You are not good enough" but "This position is NOT the RIGHT MATCH for you"!

I recently got lots of feedback from my coachees that they love how I cheer them up during their job-search journey.


After talking to each of them, I know how great they are, how passionate they are for their job.

Most importantly, once we found the right vacancies we will just ROCK it together!

In the past 2 months, 8 of my coachees found their passion and got their job offers in diverse industries and positions.

If you ask me what are their secrets, here are what I found:

-They are authentically passionate about their job.

-They trust the system and they work on it.

-They are hard-working.

Stuck in your job-search? I'd be happy to give you some tips, so don't hesitate to reach out.

I remember I was also not very confident in myself before.

I have to admit that I was quite worried about the feedback of my first online course "Job Search Fundamentals" as this was my first online version, for example.

✨ What if the coachees cannot ask their questions right away?

✨ How would be the training quality afterward?

✨ How good would be their assignment quality?

Those questions kept in my mind.

I was super glad to receive the 1st round of feedbacks from people to purchased the course in the past month and applied the skills and knowledge to their job applications.

👩‍💼 The first person who took the course told me "The course is really informative!"

👩‍💼 Another told me "I applied all the skills you taught and I got my job offer starting from 1st February!"

👩‍💼 A more experienced job seeker told me "I had 10 years of working experiences in the Netherlands and I found your course still very helpful!"

What a start!

I felt so happy to have such a positive impact on expats in the Netherlands!

It really boosted my confidence in the end.

What about you? What are YOUR ideas and what positive things are happening because of YOU?

- Grace

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