Short Programmes

For when you need just a little help

Most of my clients choose my Job Guarantee or Mentorship Programme, but sometimes people just want a little help in preparing for their next job. Do you need some help to get your perfect CV?


Or do you want to increase your chances on the job market even further with a top-notch cover letter, interview tips, a networking advance, and more? Then one of my two 1-on-1 preparation programmes might be for you! 

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1-week Master Programme

In this 1-week master class, you will spend a full week with me to fully prepare for your job search process. I will help you with theory and tips in the mornings, after which you will bring the things you learned into practice in our afternoon application sessions. Of course, you will get detailed feedback for your performance to reach the highest possible skill levels.

Get in Touch

I would love to get in touch with you to discuss your needs. Feel free to schedule a free online session to get to each other.

Prefer more extensive help? Try looking into my Job Guarantee Programme instead.

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