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The Job Guarantee programme is an especially good fit if you:

  • Struggle with finding a job in the Netherlands

  • Apply on Linkedin and receive endless rejections

  • Keep hearing things like "Sorry, you don't speak Dutch" or "We have better candidates"

  • Are not getting helpful feedback, so that you don't know what to improve

  • Are tired of going through the process over & over again

  • Experience feelings of frustration, low confidence & anxiety

  • Feel like you have so much value to bring and would like to contribute to society

What You Will Get

Value-Packed Video Course & Assignments

Learn the fundamental skills that you need to succeed in your job search journey.

Private Coaching Sessions

Deep dive into YOUR job search journey. Get the kind of help that you need.

Grace's Saturday Coffee Time

Ask any questions, get honest feedback and learn about the latest job search strategies.

Grace's Amazing Job Guarantee

Get support until you land your dream job. Typically, the process takes 2-4 months.

How It Works

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Sign up

If you want to change your situation and go for guaranteed results, the first step is to sign up for the programme on this page.

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After signing up, you'll get a helpful email outlining next steps, such as scheduling your first session & preparing for it.


Get Results

Together with Grace, you'll work on your job search by going through her entire programme and landing your dream job as fast as possible.