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Interview About Grace's Programme With Candidate Alexey, who got a job in the automotive industry with Grace's help

What did you like about my programme? 

“It is well-structured and result-oriented course, which at the same time allowed me to focus on my individual areas of improvement.”


Why did you decide to choose me as your career coach?

“After attending one of the free webinars, Grace made a strong appearance and great impression as a professional with a broad field experience. Deep understanding of what expats and young professionals go through, ability to help you realize and highlight your actual value in the Netherlands make her an outstanding professional who helped me in being less and more confident during the job search period.”


And how did you experience the support from me during your job-search journey?


“You made me feel mentally stronger while looking for the right job instead of the “good looking” one, your honesty about my weaknesses and flexibility on personal improvements allowed me to stay focused and motivated.”

What results did you get from it? If you compare your thoughts before & after the program?


“I have managed to get a better understanding of my value on the Dutch job market, to improve my story-telling and interviewing skills, while still being myself without lying or pretending. After the program all my thoughts are more structured, I can set reasonable targets for the future and look at myself from the eyes of the recruiter on the Dutch job market.”


What would you say to someone who's on the fence about working with me?


“If you are looking for a professional with the proven real-life experience, the one who is able to cooperate, engage and focus on your needs, then working with Grace is highly recommended. She will teach you how to fish instead of giving you one.”

Sounds good? Let's Get Started!

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