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10+ years of perfecting the art of landing your dream job in the Netherlands

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Who we help

We help well educated, ambitious internationals who want to land their dream job in the Netherlands and build a professional career. These people are smart, willing to work hard, and understand that they need to change to get to the next level. They also face some common challenges such as not speaking Dutch, having to adjust to the Dutch culture, or not knowing the finer details of the "job search etiquette" in the Netherlands. 

What we do

We help these expats land their dream job in the Netherlands. A job where they:

  • Can develop and grow further as a professional

  • Make a difference and feel respected and valued by their colleagues

  • Are compensated fairly (even if salary is not the most important)

Our approach

We believe a comprehensive approach works best. Only when everything aligns you get truly amazing results. That's why we take you through a systematic 7-step process: your positioning, LinkedIn, CV, cover letter, interview skills, the application process and salary negotiation. Afterwards, we build a customized career plan together to help you keep growing as a professional.

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My story

I came to the Netherlands from China in 2006 to study and build a life here. I learned that it is a beautiful country to work and live in. I also learned to connect with Dutch people in spite of significant cultural differences. I even chose to marry a Dutch guy, go figure! 

I have been working in HR-related jobs for many years, so that I have a solid understanding of how recruiters think. During my MBA studies, I also learned a lot about coaching. Together with my personal values, it seemed a perfect combination to become a career coach to empower others.

Personally, I love exploring the world by travelling to beautiful cities (like Amsterdam!) and beautiful natural areas. I like interacting with diverse cultures from all over the world. That's why I enjoy spending time with expats so much.


I also love experiencing art from all over the world. For example, I enjoy going to museums and trying lots of different dishes and drinks. I can't wait to ask you what the best thing is from your country/region that I should try!

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Get started on your journey

Do you also want to land your dream job in the Netherlands? The best way to get started is to get a copy of my book "How to land your dream job in the Netherlands" for the price of a cup of coffee.

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