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5 Steps To Help You Land Your Dream Job

After talking to 500+ job-seeking expats in the Netherlands, I realized people are really struggling.

But job seeking shouldn't be that hard. It should not take years or hundreds of applications.

Job seeking should be a scientific experiment with reliable results.

The approach I typically use consists of 5 steps.

✅ Step 1 Self-Reposition in the job market

✅ Step 2 Personal Branding

✅ Step 3 Job Search Fundamentals (writing for CV & Cover Letter)

✅ Step 4 Ace Your Interview

✅ Step 5 Excel after the Interview

A systematic approach that is simple to follow.

I created a job-seeking E-book that contains all 5 steps with more details.

It's completely for free, too.

You can download it here:

- Grace


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