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What's your next career step?

Hey friends,

How's your June? When I see the long-queues in both Schipol & Eindhoven airports, I gave up my holiday plan for this summer 🤣

I got lots of questions regarding interviews this year, so I want to share two important interview tips to help out. You will find them below.

😎 Be an interview master Interviewees tend to be nervous as lots of them don’t know if they are “Well-prepared” for the interview. They never know which type and which behavioral question the interviewer will ask. When you don’t know what to expect, it’s hard not to be nervous. But, Let’s take a step back. Why do recruiters need an “interview”? What do they want to know through an “interview”? How could they identify if the candidate is trustworthy or not? To simplify the answers for the above questions: ✅ Recruiters try to find the most optimal candidate for their vacancies. ✅ Recruiters want to know how well each interviewee fits the vacancy. ✅ Recruiters try to reduce the risk of un-trustworthy interviewees by using behavioral and follow-up questions. So, the key to an “interview” is to help recruiters to KNOW the interviewee. When we know what recruiters want to know, it’s much easier to prepare for the interview. Because no matter which type of questions that they ask, they just want to know you more. It is the responsibility for INTERVIEWEES to help interviewers to get to know them better. When you get this right, you are the master of job interviews.

👀 Be aware of the 10 Red flas in your job interviews Make sure to identify red flags in your job interviews! One misunderstanding about job interviews is that interviewees tend to think the interview only serves the interviewers. And as an interviewee, all you need to do is to show the best of yourself. But, this is completely wrong! The interview is also a great chance for you to interview the company. Recently I read the article “10 Red Flags to Watch Out for in a Job Interview” from HBR, and immediately want to share it with people around me. Here are the 10 red flags: 1️⃣ Constant rescheduling and disorganization 2️⃣ Disrespecting others 3️⃣ Values conflict 4️⃣ Lack of clarity or consistency in answers to your questions 5️⃣ Bait and switch 6️⃣ Inappropriate questions or comments 7️⃣ Lack of connection 8️⃣ Resistance to change (even if they say they want change) 9️⃣ Excessive number of interviews or drawn-out interview process 🔟 Exploding offers Did you experience any of these red flags?

Need help?

If you need help with preparing for your job interview, please schedule a free career consultation with me by clicking HERE.

Warm wishes,



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