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Feeling like the job search is too hard?

”The job searching is so hard! I can't make it!"

I heard this from one job seeker who reserved my free coach session.

I feel so HURT when I hear this. And I feel so bad for her self-doubt.

I always know that the job-seeking journey is lonely, frustrated, and doubting. But I would never think it would be too hard to thrive.

What Can You Do?

I recently read "Your Best Year Ever" which was recommended by Yan Zhu.

In the book, it says ”The person who limited what we can achieve is ourselves. Whatever our circumstances, we have the power to pursue a better future."

I totally agree with it!

As a job-seeker, looking forward is more important than look backwards.

👉 You need to take ACTION to keep going in your search;

👉 You need to carefully match your skills with the RIGHT vacancies;

👉 And learn from every rejection and mistake to get PROGRESS!

The only person who can change our current situation is ourselves.

Do not let "You" be the person who blocked your own FUTURE.

Being A Little Better Every Day

Recently I started to do "something".

😨 It makes me feel horrible about myself.

🤔 It makes me doubt if I can make it.

💪 Also, it makes me feel so GOOD about myself when I finish.

Well, I'm talking about jogging.

But doesn't it also sound like the job-searching journey?

🚫 Tens or hundreds of rejections make you feel horrible about yourself.

🚫 Not getting an offer, or not even getting an interview makes you doubt if you can make it.

The question is, are you strong enough to thrive and REACH YOUR GOALS?

What I learned from jogging is:

👉 It makes me feel bad, even really bad in the short term.

👉 It makes me feel like other people are better than me. Sounds familiar?

However, it also pushes me to keep improving myself.

From less than 1 km, to 3 km, till my first 5 km.

In your job search, you need to do the same.

Be a better candidate today than yesterday.

And, don't forget to enjoy the process! 🙌

- Grace


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