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Finding Your Passion

"It sounds like you are selling me to the company."

"No, I'm helping you to sell yourself better."

This is part of a conversation I had with one coachee yesterday.

He helped me to get back to the start:

WHY I started Grace Career Coach.

When I was still a salesperson, I saw so many colleagues with great capabilities and potential but not get the resources and benefits that they deserve.

Then I moved to HR. I thought by getting more knowledge of the internal HR systems I would help the "talented" people better.

For sure, by knowing the company HR systems I can help colleagues better to develop themselves further.

But, there is a huge gap between designing and executing an HR system and helping individual colleagues.

How can I better help more people in their careers?

I always thought to be a better HR would be the answer.

Until last year.

When the job market shrank, lots of people got laid-off, and fresh graduates couldn't find work.

Talented people crying to me that they tried their best to find a job but it didn't work.

Graduates felt lost as they faced one of the most challenging years of job search, similar to what I experienced during the financial crises in 2010.

So. What can I do to help them?

My sales background helped me to listen to what people struggle with and need.

My HR background helped me to understand what the key capabilities are that employers are looking for.

And most importantly, I sincerely want to HELP.

Then, I found my passion.

"To help expats land their dream job in the Netherlands."

What about you? What is your passion?

- Grace


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