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How Long Does It Take To Find Your Dream Job?

One of my coachees experienced this recently:

💥 Getting laid off because of a company re-organization.

📲 Getting contacted by headhunters.

🎉 Getting a dream job offer.

How long do you think all of this takes? More than 3 months?

Well, all these three things happened in just ONE WEEK for my coachee Szymon.

That can't be possible, right?

(Especially since the whole recruitment process in the Netherlands normally takes more than 1 month.)

How could he possibly do ALL that?

✅ He sensed the company re-organization will happen.

✅ He took action to reach out to me.

✅ He got himself PREPARED for his next career opportunity.

For sure, no one wants to be laid off.

But, how we deal with that is our choice.

To turn risk into OPPORTUNITY or just WAIT.

The beauty of your career is, you always have YOUR OWN CHOICE.

It just depends on if you REALISE it or not.

- Grace


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