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Quality Versus Quantity

One of my coachees/students decides to apply for jobs in which he has no industry background and no related experiences.

🌟 He applied to around 20 job vacancies.

🌟 He got invited to 10+ 1st round interviews.

🙌 He got 6 offers.

🙌 And all of these happened in LESS than 2 months!

Quality over Quantity!

This is one of the first tips I always share with job seekers who want to land their dream job in the Netherlands.

I heard so many job seekers say that they applied for 100+, 200+, or even 500+ jobs in a short period.

Some even think "the more the better".

But, is that true?

Think differently, what if you go for Quality over Quantity?

✅ You will have much more time and effort to understand what the employer wants from you in job vacancies.

✅ You will better show yourself to the employer that you are the right candidate through a thoughtful CV & Cover Letter.

✅ You will receive much fewer rejection letters which drain your energy and hurt your self-confidence.

Maybe you want to know how good is the "Quality" of your job application.

Here is an easy equation:

- how many 1st round interviews you got / how many job vacancies you applied

If the number you have is below 20%, then it's time to focus on QUALITY instead of quantity.

- Grace


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