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Queen's Gambit: When Talent Meets A Life-Changing Coach

I followed 'The Queen's Gambit' on Netflix.

An orphan girl met a structure's janitor and started her passionate journey with the game of chess.

You might ask me 'How could this janitor became the girl life-changing coach?'

He taught her chess when she shows her interest. 👀

He learnt her all the skills / knowledge / strategies he mastered while playing the game. 🎓

He introduced her to his network, a chess coach from a high school team who can help her further. 🤝

If the janitor didn't do any of the above, her life would have been completely different.

Some opportunities are not obvious to be seen.

It's also not easy to meet a life-changing coach.

But, when the moment comes, can you seize it?

So that you can realize your dreams and get the dream job that you deserve?

- Grace


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