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Whose Fault Is It When You Cannot Get A Job In The Netherlands?

I talk to different candidates who are struggling in their job-seeking process.

When I ask them " Why do you think you did not get a job yet?"


"The company wants someone to speak DUTCH."

"The other candidate they choose does not need a work VISA."

Interesting, right?

I guess those expats who found a job also have the same problems. But those problems did not stop them there.

It seems to be our human nature to deflect responsibility and look for reasons outside of us which explain our lack of success.

This MINDSET is exactly what is holding us back in applying for jobs truly successful.

To be successful, it’s so important to flip this mindset AROUND.

Do you know which vacancies you should apply but not the others?

Is your CV & Cover Letter OUTSTANDING?

Is your skill sharp enough to help you ace ANY interview?

Using KPIs

Are you still applying for hundreds of jobs in a month?

Applying for lots of jobs in a short time means that you do not have enough time to apply each of them PROPERLY. And the result would be either rejections or hearing nothing back.

This HURTS, doesn’t it?

I found some misunderstand the “KPI” of job seeking process. It is not about how many jobs you applied (quantity), but how quickly you would get the job you want (QUALITY).

It is like aiming your target when you are hunting. You want to shoot all your arrows at the same target to ensure hitting your mark.

Job seeking is no different!

- Grace


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