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What Makes You Extraordinary?

My coachee Busisiwe told me she's an ordinary person when we first talked.

The reality is that she is ANYTHING but ordinary!!

She kept telling me what she did can be done by anyone else.

Is that TRUE?

🌟 She was the chairwoman for a national competition for 8 years, where she selected and trained top candidates who went on to study at Cambridge University.

🌟 She researched, designed & developed a model, which gave her employer incredible insights in how to deal with the COVID situation.

🌟 She was a lead researcher and brought two new major revenue streams for the company.

🌟 And so much MORE…….

She didn't just complete these things, but also continuously EXCEEDED her manager's expectations for years.

I'm not sure how many other people can do these.

I cannot define if she is an ordinary person, but I'm sure she did extraordinary THINGS.

When I work with my coachees, I sometimes feel like a "celebrity agent" or "gold researcher".

I work with them to find out what makes them EXTRAORDINARY.

It's not easy, but truly WORTH it.

Do you KNOW what makes you extraordinary?

- Grace


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